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SAGIWALL is the ideal covering for perfect façades.

A variety of finishes, with various wood tones, RAL’s and metallic tones, provide the best exterior covering in PVC, guaranteeing the best results and durability.

The best coverings transform themselves into essential decorative elements. 

Interior and exterior walls and ceilings, for all styles, from classic to ultramodern, always guarantee the best result, with maximum quality.

SAGIWALL Architectural Spec Guide
CANULC-S134-13 Test
SAGIWALL – Installation Manual
SAGIWALL Profiles & Accessories
Evaluation Report CCMC 14043-R Sagiwall
SAGIWALL Technical Data Sheet
SAGIREV Panel Profile CAD
SAGIREV Architectural Spec Sheet
SAGIREV Profiles & Accessories
CANULC-S102.2 Test
SAGIREV Installation Manual

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