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Introducing SAGIBATTEN™: The Future of Aluminum Batten Systems

Elevate your architectural designs with the perfect blend of durability and aesthetics. SAGIBATTEN™ brings to the market a revolutionary aluminum batten system that seamlessly combines the strength and lightweight properties of aluminum with the timeless elegance of wood. Each batten is meticulously wrapped in high-quality, realistic woodgrain films, offering an unparalleled natural look without the maintenance and wear issues associated with real wood. Batten Sizes and Components:

30x60mm (1x2)
30x80mm (1x3)
30x150mm (1x6)
50x50mm (2x2)
50x100mm (2x4)
50x150mm (2x6)

Standard Length – 19’8”

Visible Base Plate

Hidden Base Plate

Inside Corner

Inside Sleeve


There is an extensive range of finishes, with dozens of wood tones, metallic colours and RAL’s, using PVC and coated with a film of PVC (Renolit), adapted to every specific requirement, guaranteeing perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, be it natural or urban.

Ideal for beautiful and protected walls, which remain perfect for longer, without the need for maintenance.

SAGIPER’S highly durable exterior vinyl is a multi-layer film with an overall thickness of 170-180 μm.

The top layer consists of a polyvinylidene fluoride film (PVDF) and absorbs more than 95% of the UV-radiation, the second is transparent polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and the base layer is a solid colour PMMA.

The base layer contains Solar Shield Technology (SST) to further decrease heat build-up of the film and the laminated components.

Infrared radiation from the sun is simply reflected by SST to provide protection against excessive heat build-up resulting in cooler profiles.

With SST, profiles retain their dimensional stability so that panels and trims remain secure.

SST acts as a protective shield. Its reflective property safeguards the film itself, the adhesive and the profile. SST provides protection for SAGIPER’S exterior film. With dark colours and wood decors enjoying the most significant benefits. SST slows down the ageing process and prolongs the life of the PVC core construction component.

  • REF #1

    REF #1

    Blonde Oak
  • REF #2

    REF #2

    Port Redwood
  • REF #3

    REF #3

    Chocolate Blackwood
  • REF #4

    REF #4

    Espresso Blackwood
  • REF #5

    REF #5

    White Oak
  • REF #6

    REF #6

    Hazel Oak
  • REF #7

    REF #7

    Brazilian Redwood
  • REF #8

    REF #8

    Caramel Cedar
  • REF #9

    REF #9

    Caramel Zebrawood
  • REF #10

    REF #10

    Cherry Zebrawood
  • REF #11

    REF #11

    Pine Zebrawood
  • REF #12

    REF #12

    Titanium Coalwood
  • REF #13

    REF #13

    Light Maple
  • REF #14

    REF #14

    Walnut Cedar
  • REF #50

    REF #50

    Absolute Silver
  • REF #69

    REF #69

    Metallic Copper
  • REF #76

    REF #76

  • REF #77

    REF #77

  • Ref 78

    Ref 78

    Metallic Black
  • REF #79

    REF #79

    Knotty Maple
  • REF #80

    REF #80

    Mocha Redwood
  • REF #81

    REF #81

    Chestnut Blackwood
  • REF #82

    REF #82

    Desert Oak
  • REF #83

    REF #83

    Mountain Oak
  • REF #84

    REF #84

    Monument Oak
  • REF #60

    REF #60

    Absolute White
  • REF #88

    REF #88

    Rustic Cherry
  • REF #89

    REF #89

    Soft Cherry
  • REF #90

    REF #90

    Oslo Oak
  • REF #91

    REF #91

    Stockholm Oak
  • REF #92

    REF #92

    Copenhagen Oak
  • REF #93

    REF #93

    Gothenburg Oak
  • REF #94

    REF #94

    Whisky Oak
  • REF #95

    REF #95

    Nutmeg Oak
  • REF #97

    REF #97

    Honey Oak
  • REF #98

    REF #98

    Slate Oak
  • REF #3005

    REF #3005

  • REF #3011

    REF #3011

  • REF #5011

    REF #5011

  • REF #6005

    REF #6005

  • REF #6009

    REF #6009

  • REF #7001

    REF #7001

  • REF #7016

    REF #7016

  • REF #7035

    REF #7035

  • REF #9001

    REF #9001

  • REF #9010

    REF #9010

Ever wonder how Sagiper would look like on your future project? Click on the link below to get started

Ever wonder how Sagiper would look like on your future project? Click on the link below to get started



  • - Durability Redefined: Crafted from premium aluminum, SAGIBATTEN™ is designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions without succumbing to rust, decay, or warping. Enjoy the beauty of wood with the resilience of aluminum.
  • - Aesthetic Versatility: Our state-of-the-art woodgrain films are available in a wide range of textures and colors, ensuring a perfect match for every design vision. From contemporary chic to rustic charm, SAGIBATTEN™ provides the flexibility to bring any architectural concept to life.
  • - Eco-friendly Innovation: By choosing SAGIBATTEN™, you're not only opting for an aesthetically pleasing solution but also an environmentally responsible one. Our products contribute to sustainable construction practices by reducing the need for timber and offering a recyclable alternative.
  • - Ease of Installation: Engineered for simplicity and efficiency, SAGIBATTEN™'s lightweight design and intuitive installation system mean your projects can proceed faster, with less labor, reducing overall construction time and costs.
  • - Maintenance-Free Longevity: Say goodbye to the constant upkeep associated with wood. SAGIBATTEN™ offers a hassle-free solution that looks great year after year, with just minimal cleaning required.

Where Can SAGIBATTEN™ Be Used?

Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, SAGIBATTEN™ is the go-to choice for architects, designers, and builders looking to incorporate wood-like elements into their projects without compromising on durability or sustainability. From striking facade systems to sophisticated interior walls, and ceilings, SAGIBATTEN™ adds a touch of warmth and elegance to any space.

Join the Revolution in Architectural Design

With SAGIBATTEN™, embrace the future of batten systems where functionality meets beauty. Whether it's enhancing residential homes, commercial buildings, or public spaces, our innovative system opens up new possibilities in architectural design. Experience the perfect marriage of technology and nature with SAGIBATTEN™ - where every detail counts.

SAGIBATTEN™: Where Innovation Meets Elegance.