SAGIPER North America


The pioneers in dual wall heavy gauge Fire Rated High Performance Polymer Siding (FR-HPPS), Soffit and Ceilings. Celebrating 29 years in manufacturing.

Born in 1994. SAGIPER emerged into the European market and revolutionized the construction and renovation industry by becoming the pioneer of Fire Rated High Performance Polymer Siding (FR-HPPS), soffit and ceiling product lines. Since then SAGIPER has continued its relentless pursuit in maintaining and developing its products to provide aesthetically pleasing maintenance free and modern finishing solutions for all its end users around the world.

Our product lines are designed specifically for your contemporary residential and commercial projects offering the natural look of wood and metallic aluminium finishes.


Sagiper Portugal and Sagiper North America maintain intrinsic ties that are deeply rooted in family values and mirrored in our everyday business operation.


Quality. From our family to yours.


Due to the quality and diversity of its products, SAGIPER knows no limits or boundaries, and is present in various countries across the globe.


SAGIPER takes its mission very seriously.
To continually guarantee the quality of its products and fulfill the commitments it makes with its clients, SAGIPER production is active 24 hours per day.

The facility relies on our family of employees, working on three shifts to maintain a continuous production of 5 to 7 days per week for the company’s various product lines – Sagiwall, Sagirev and Sagicore.