Composite Deck - Advantages and Applications
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Composite Deck – Advantages and Applications

Composite Deck – Advantages and Applications

Garden, swimming pool, balcony, terrace, patio, shower … are many spaces where it is possible to apply a deck.

The composite deck, resulting from the combination of wood and thermoplastic, 100% eco-friendly and recyclable, adds the very wood-like look and feel to a much higher maintenance-free life. Therefore it is the perfect solution for flooring, especially for the outdoor or subject to humidity and temperature variations. The same flooring solution can be used not only outdoors but also inside the house.
In different tones it adapts to different styles and architectural needs.

Em diferentes tonalidades adapta-se a distintos estilos e necessidades arquitetónicas.

The composite deck has many advantages compared to natural wood. In addition to the similarities with the traditional alternative, it is slip resistant, it has high resistance to ultraviolet radiation (UV) and water absorption, reduced material dilation / contraction and reversible surface. It is easy to apply and maintenance free!

In addition to these advantages, more than a flooring solution, it is an element of design and decoration.

We have some suggestions of deck application for exterior and interior spaces.