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What is sustainable architecture and what can we do? Get started now!

What is sustainable architecture and what can we do? Get started now!

Subjects such as sustainable architecture are on the agenda but still seem to be misunderstood … The truth is that climate change is undeniable and environmental concerns as well as our ecological footprint are increasingly important, we must change our attitude .

What is sustainable architecture and what can we do?

It is time to get informed as this is increasingly a matter of our responsibility.

Let’s consider some steps and attitudes to take into account when building a sustainable house, we can adopt them even today. As well as the advantages and disadvantages of this type of construction.

Measures to be taken with regard to construction.
Select low-impact, eco-friendly and non-toxic construction materials: ” green materials ”
– A large percentage of the required energy must be obtained by using solar, hydro or wind energy.

The building should be harmoniously framed cooperating with its surroundings, valuing the landscape and not suppressing its qualities. Think about the place before you build.

Attitudes to take into account. Start now!
The future of your sustainable home also depends on you and there are things you can do starting from today, it costs nothing and you will not regret it, it is our responsibility as citizens:

– The temperature in the cities has been exponentially increasing, one of the solutions to reverse this problem is to plant trees and other plants, you can even go for a green roof. Another cause is soil sealing which even causes flooding, if you can have a garden, don’t hesitate!

– Recycle, recycling systems in cities are increasingly advanced, there are no excuses not to do so.

– Spend less energy, it’s greener and you save money. For example, turn off the lights when you leave the room.
– Use energy-efficient appliances and of course, repair everything which isn’t working around the house as soon as possible, such as a dripping faucet because water is a precious resource.

To help you, there are un ending number of apps to control energy consumption and other variables. The most recent houses even have these integrated systems, as well as automated systems for example, for lighting.


– The advantages of an eco-friendly attitude and bulding for the planet and for yourself are countless. Don’t you find it interesting to have a comfortable home, a healthy lifestyle and still pay less?
– Even if the investment has high costs, generally similar to the construction of a normal house, there’s a high return on investment for a sustainable house because it will need much less energy than a conventional house.
– Lower maintenance costs as materials won’t decay so quickly.
– It’s healthier to live in a house when using “green” materials.
– In some countries, there are green building financial incentives.


Everything has both advantages and disadvantages but we can assure you that when it comes to sustainable houses the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. We listed some but everything depends on for example the region, in some places these might not even be real problems.

– Recycled materials may be sensitive to moisture, for example.
– Difficulty in finding the necessary materials, depending on the region. The further you have to order the more expensive and the less green it will be.
– Maintenance, whether of the garden or green roof , or of devices such as solar panels.

Amália Souto de Miranda
Landscape architect