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This fall, take the deck inside the house.

This fall, take the deck inside the house.

Traditionally used outdoors, the composite deck is a high strength and durable material. Two fundamental characteristics that make this material one of the most requested for the most demanding projects. In addition to the functional features, its design is compatible with different interior decor styles.

Find several deck indoor applications:

Challenging compartments

The deck is an excellent option to apply in compartments where there is more humidity, such as the bathroom. It guarantees wall and floor protection, given its high resistance to water absorption, even when in direct contact. The look and feel of natural wood make it a versatile decoration solution.

The interior balconies are also areas where this covering can stand out. When applied to these spaces, the deck creates a very inviting natural environment. Combining a vertical garden with deck can be an idea to bring the freshness and joy of the outdoors into the house. The great advantage of this design is that this type of material is maintenance free.

Special projects

For special indoor designs, such as indoor pools, the deck is undoubtedly the most suitable material to use in the surrounding areas. Its non-slip features make it the ideal solution to enjoy your indoor pool with all safety and comfort. Again, the fact that it is highly resistant to water absorption and exhibits reduced dilation / contraction is a plus when deciding about its application.

Find all Sagideck features, which, in addition to all these advantages, offers a 15-year warranty.