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The origins of Feng Shui come from ancient Chinese concepts.

Literally translated, Feng Shui, means Wind and Water and it represents the knowledge of the essential forces to keep and preserve the positive influences present in a space and redirect the negative ones, in order to benefit its occupants.

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In order to implement Feng Shui practice in your house, follow these tips:

– Get rid of disorder.
Throw out everything you don’t like in your house. Tidying up your disorganization is an exercise that will consume time and energy, but it will turn out to be therapeutic and it will help you organizing yourself better. This is an important step to create harmonious Feng Shui energy in your house.

– Have a good Air and Light quality in your house.
These two elements are essential for a good Feng Shui energy, called ‘Chi’. Open your windows frequently, introduce purifying plants with Feng Shui or use air purifiers. Let the maximum of daylight come into your house.

– Define the ‘Bagua’, the map energy of your house.
Search on the classic school ‘Bagua’ or the scheme BTB to help you organize the several rooms of your daily life, from the office to your own house. For example, in the traditional Feng Shui, the Feng Shui’s southeast area of your house is related with the money energy flow in your life.

– Understand the 5 essential elements of Feng Shui, so that they can provide balance and a source of energy in all the rooms of your house.
For instance, if you want to attract more prosperity, introduce Wood and Water and Feng Shui elements in the southeast side of your house. If you want to improve your health, place Feng Shui items of the Wood element, like plants or furniture in the east side spaces.

– Find out the Feng Shui element linked to your birth date and create a home that will nourish and support your energy.
For example, if your element is Fire, introduce Feng Shui expressions, such as the colors of the element (red, orange, purple, magenta, pink, yellow), triangular shapes… You will also need the element Wood in your house, since wood feeds the element Fire.

– Find out your Kua number and your lucky directions, so that you can receive all the good energy at its best, or even the good Feng Shui directions.
Adjust the position of your bed, desk, dinner table, etc. For instance, if your Kua number is 1, it’s better to have them directed: southeast, east, south and north.

– Always be aware of the energy in your house and how that energy influences your well-being. Pay attention to the so called Feng Shui “trinity”, which is linked to your health: your room, your bathroom and your kitchen.
In the world of energy nothing is static, so be prudent and keep your house healthy and happy.