The 10 Commandments of Interior Design DIY
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The 10 Commandments of Interior Design DIY

The 10 Commandments of Interior Design DIY

A beautiful and functional decoration, without having to pay a professional?
Yes, it is possible.

For all those who wish to change their home decor without having to pay professionals or for those who enjoy the area but need a helping hand, we gathered 10 key steps to follow.

1. Do not add anything to your home unless it is useful and beautiful

90% of the items you have at home must combine beauty and utility. For example, the recycling container does not have to be ugly and ruin your kitchen design. You can use an alternative container or decorate the original. A simple and easy to do solution: painting or lining – with wallpaper or fabric – a cardboard box and place it on top of the ugly container. Voilà! The recycling point is now a beautiful element.


2. Choose a color scheme as decorative base

No matter what colors you choose. The key is to choose between 3 to 5 colors you like and that you are able to match. From there, set your house decor, using the selected shades on the walls, carpets, towels or other elements.


3. Whenever you buy something new, remove something

Do not accumulate objects. Less is more.
Too many things in a room, for example, ruin any decor and clutter.
Adopt a new practice. Throw away or donate an item every time you buy a new one. This way you can keep an outlined decorating project and a tidy house.


4. Do not buy anything that is not essential for you, even if everyone has it

If you do not drink coffee, it is not worth buying a coffee machine. If you do not use it, you do not need a coffee table by the couch. There may be elements filling the space of your home, inadequate to your lifestyle and totally expendable. Sell them or donate them.


5. Use what you like. Delete everything which is indifferent to you

Exhibit pieces you like, which have a beautiful design or that are really special to you. If there are objects that are part of the decor just because they are memories of family or friends, yet you do not like them and they do not match the space, put them in a box and store them.


6. Bring together several ideas for creating yours

Get some inspiration before you create your own decor. Take ideas from magazines, decor stores or even in the homes of your friends. Copy color combinations in catalogs. After gathering enough ideas, organize them and compose your project. Add a touch of personality and creativity.




7. Choose a style and keep it in mind whenever you add something

Instead of defining your style for a period of time as classic or modern, set your style based on some important factors. Do you prefer a simple or bold design? Do you prefer warm or cool colors? Do you prefer detailed furniture or simple lines? After discovering these preferences, you will be able to define your own style.



8. Learn the difference between what you like and what can work for you

The trends are constantly changing. It is easy to fall into the temptation of wanting to try something new and different. Use common sense and determine the difference between what you like in the store and what really works with the style of design you have set in your house.



9. When deciding to change the style of your decor, start slowly and cheap

You do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to redecorate a room or bet on a new style for your house. Start, for example, betting on a new shade for a wall or purchase a piece of used furniture in an online sale or a market site. If you like the new style, then make a plan for a deeper change.


10. Take a picture to understand what you should take away or add to the space

Image editing is a fantastic tool for those who bet on a new decoration on their own. A photo allows you to have a different point of view of space and helps you realize what is less well, what you need to remove or add.
Your house should be the place where you feel good, your world.

More than trends, follow your tastes and needs and make your home the best and more beautiful place to live.