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Original Ideas for Coating Application

Original Ideas for Coating Application

We believe in the potential and irreverence of our product for so many decoration purposes. The ways of application are so many, adapting to so many styles.

This is a small example of how a covering such as our normal white Sagirev, placed vertically, provides a countryside look and at the same time sophisticated and cozy to this room.


Image credits –  theberry.com

We now move on to the bathroom and here we are once again able to show the flexibility of using our materials.

Because they are very resistant and easy to apply, they provide texture and a diferent look to any room.

We all know that the most fragile areas in our homes in terms of humidity are the bathrooms and the areas by the windows.

Here is another suggestion of using Sagiwall with color mixing (ref 7, 8 and 9), applied horizontally and vertically. The mix works very well and, in this case, provides a nautical look to the shower cubicle.


Image credits – www.adesignlifestyle.net/arcson-design-refreshing-warmth/

Here we can see a very creative suggestion from the Polish architects PLASTE[R]LINA, which consists of creating a sort of covering frame around the washbasin cabinet.

This example creates an illusion of greater depth and height of space, as well as giving the impression that there are distinct areas in the same space

An elegant solution for our Sagiwall ref.1 application.

Image credits – PLASTE[R]LINA

And now a very beautiful example, but this time applying parts which draw a chevron pattern.

The elegance of this bathroom is almost indescribable. The detail of extending the pattern of the wall to the floor is beautiful and very harmonious.

Here we can perfectly see the application of references 5, 50 and 101 of our Sagirev, alternately.


Image credits – atlantahomesmag.com

Another possibility of decoration for which we suggest the application of a Sagirev, ref. 12.

Image credits –  www.seabrookstyles.com

Now here we have a nice example of a recycled piece of furniture, where one could perfectly use the normal white Sagirev as the background. If there are some extras left and you do not know what to do, this is a nice suggestion, which works in this cabinet as well as on smaller shelves or shelves.

It helps to create contrast, it enlivens all the elements arranged in them and it still helps to match the wall or ceiling where you applied this material.

Image credits – john-lewis.co.uk

We are delighted by the next picture, if on one hand it reflects a spined pattern which we like very much, on the other hand we feel the vintage look of the space thanks to the wall.

The chosen tone for the wall seems to almost simulate a floor that deserves to be in a visible, prominent location. Why not applying your covering this way?

A mix of Sagiwall tones would be the ideal choice.

Image credits – designsponge.com