Saiba escolher a cor ideal para o seu deck
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Learn how to choose the right color for your deck

Learn how to choose the right color for your deck

It is no secret that the right tone makes all the difference in the atmosphere of our houses, and it is often responsible for giving them a new life. For decks, the same premise applies. Whether it’s a pool area, a barbecue space or simply a play area, the features of your deck should always match the style and architecture of the house. To help you choose the most appropriate tone for your project, here are some tips:

1. Use decorating magazines only as a reference for your project. We might not be able to reproduce the examples we see on the photographs. Focus on solutions that value the exterior of your home, maintaining harmony with the environment where it is inserted.

2. For light and neutral colored houses, wood-tone decks are a good choice to create more cozy and charming environments. They look great with everything and still value decorative objects.

3. Elegance and sobriety are attributes to be highlighted in classic style houses. If you live in a heavily wooded area, dark brown tones make the perfect connection between the house style and the colors of the surrounding nature.

4. At the opposite extreme, we have contemporary and minimalist constructions, characterized by straight lines, clean design, soft and without extravagant colors. Here dark tones impose their law. Besides conveying sophistication and elegance, they perfectly match with this style predominant colors: whites and greys.

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