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Ideas on adding a Spring touch to your home

Ideas on adding a Spring touch to your home

With bigger days, more light and more sun… how about making a change within our “four walls”? Spring is the ideal time for home remodeling. This spring cleaning is nothing more than a deep cleaning, accompanied by a decoration makeover. Enjoy the best of spring in your home, with a lighter and light environment, so as to better enjoy your days.

Open windows: let the light and freshness of the new season in

It is the most simple and effective gesture. It allows the sun to enter your home, accompanied by the breeze that brings the scents of spring, and will make all the difference indoors. Find the time to change the curtains to lighter and more colorful ones.

Decorate with plants

Nature is that element we immediately associate with spring. Then bet on plants. In and out of the house, in the garden, on the terrace or even on the balcony. There are several ideas for you to match aesthetics with sustainability. Now that the days are longer, take the opportunity to be more in touch with nature, even without leaving your own home.

New colors and new textures

Spring is also synonymous with color, textures and life. This makeover can begin by painting a wall or covering it with a new material. We suggest you consider the new Sagiper Oak tones, which resemble wood, with PVC advantages. The new tones, available in Sagirev for indoors and in Sagiwall for outdoors, are the ideal coverings to welcome in the whole freshness of spring.

Capture new energies with Feng Shui

The practice of Feng Shui is very much associated with harmony and connection with nature. When remodeling the house, take time to change the layout of the furniture and take into account the Feng Shui tips we share here.

Take care of your house exterior too

With the arrival of more pleasant nights, take time to enjoy the moonlight and catch up on chatting and reading. Even if it’s just a balcony, take care of the outdoors: clean, decorate and create a comfortable space where you can spend weekend evenings. Invest in a floor that combines quality with esthetics, where you can comfortably walk barefoot and which does not need maintenance. We suggest Sagideck solutions, which are very resistant to water absorption and ultraviolet rays which, among other advantages, are indispensable characteristics for outdoor floors.