Clever Space-Saving Solutions for small houses
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Clever Space-Saving Solutions for small houses

Clever Space-Saving Solutions for small houses

Living in a small house can make us think outside the box.

It can be a real challenge to organize space efficiently and feel at home.when there is no space in the closet – let alone a room.
Those who live in apartments can not always afford to have separate living-rooms and they’ll need multi-purpose furniture.

Fortunately, small space living hacks are increasingly unique simplifying life in small spaces. Secret compartments, shelves, corner shelves and built-in furniture make it fun to do more with less.

Small bedroom organization ideas

Storage Beds

There’s a space beneath that can be used for stashing away last season clothes or other textiles such as duvets, sheets, pillows, bathrobes, etc.

Built-in Wardrobes

The built-in wardrobes are a very clever tip for saving space in a small area. Because wardrobes are the largest items of furniture in a house, when built-in they provide a visual balance that otherwise would not be possible.

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Suspended Furniture

A suspended washbasin unit makes your place feel more spacious. If you prefer, you can use this space for shoes or even a storage box.

Shower Vs Bath

Angle showers are great when you’re short on space so by choosing a corner shower stall you are giving use to a dead zone.

Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen

Single Sink

To save space in the kitchen, use only a sink.

Extendable tables

The dining table can be built into the wall or even in one of the kitchen cabinets, such as the island. After the meal, just close it again.

Focus on corners

When space is scarce at home, it is imperative to use the corners. Place the Tv there, a tall bookshelf, a plant. Bare corners are simply a waste.

Under Stairs Storage Solutions

Not all under-stair space is used. Which is a mistake, because it is still a considerable area that can be used for storage and / or decoration.

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