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Advantages of Massive Composite Deck

Advantages of Massive Composite Deck

Due to the conditions which exterior coverings are exposed to, they must be much more resistant than the interior ones. The evolution of the materials allowed the development of a massive composite deck that is, comparatively other solutions, the most durable in the market. These are the massive composite deck great advantages:

  • High impact resistance. Because it is massive, the mechanical resistance to impact is quite high.
  • Resistance to water absorption. Absorption below 0.5% when immersed in water over a period of 24 hours. Compared to the alveolar deck, the exposure area to moisture is less than about a half.
  • Stability. When being cut, the massive composite deck has a high mechanical stability, keeping its characteristics.
  • Trim free. Because it is massive, this material does not require the application of covers or trim after cutting. This feature facilitates and simplifies the deck application.