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This summer is going to be very cool. 6 Tips To Make Your Home Cooler

This summer is going to be very cool. 6 Tips To Make Your Home Cooler

Summer means sun, beach and leisure time. We count the days until the holidays and make plans to enjoy them to the fullest. But summer can also reveal an oppressive and uncomfortable side. With temperatures reaching 40º, Portugal is one of the European countries where the effects of excessive heat are most felt. Of course, diving into the pool, or in the sea, can help keep us cool, but what to do when we’re at home? In this article, we will give you some tips on how to keep your home cooler on hot summer days.


Avoid opening windows during the day. Closed windows mean more shade and are an effective barrier against hot air intake. Try opening them at dusk, when temperatures are milder.


At night, leave the windows and the bedroom door open. This will allow better ventilation of the space, allowing the entry of fresh air and the exit of hot and saturated air.


Never use incandescent bulbs. In addition to wasting 90% of energy, the heat they release is all indoors. If you do not want your home transformed into an oven, we suggest you switch to compact fluorescent or LED lamps.


Did you know that a stove can increase more than 10 degrees Celsius at room temperature? It is true. And the worst, is that this heat quickly spreads throughout the house. Therefore, on hot days, avoid using appliances that produce large amounts of heat.


In the middle of summer, it does not make sense to sleep in the middle of heavy blankets and duvets. If you do not want to wake up with your own perspiration, choose fresh and light fabric sheets, such as cotton, linen, or even natural silk. Another solution is to use bamboo mats on top of the bed, since this material does not retain heat.


Fans are an excellent alternative to air conditioning. In addition to being more eco-friendly and economical, they are also the most practical solution given the mobility they allow. Look no further. When it comes to air refreshing, the traditional fan is still the best option.