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These are the home decor trends for 2018

These are the home decor trends for 2018

New year, new decoration. Once you take Christmas decorations down, take the time to redecorate your house following the new trends. If you aren’t keen on a complete makeover, choose your favorite trend for the year 2018 and adopt it.

Dark Metals and Wood

Bronze and rose gold, combined with wooden details and vice versa, are back as the trend for 2018 . Once considered completely out of fashion, these materials came back in 2016 and are expected to dominate 2018.

Statement floors and ceilings

A statement floor or ceiling create an absolutely unique space, more than any piece of decoration. It will surely make you feel enveloped. Give all your rooms a striking personality. Find all about our ceiling covering solutions..


Abstract geometric art, geometric tile walls. Geometry adds a touch of contemporaneity to any space. It could be interesting to match it with other classic elements to get a more eclectic style.

Black & White

A pair that never goes out of style. It may look vintage, but in fact, this combination adds a lot of sophistication and elegance. As much as the colors change when it comes to decoration trends, black and white is always a safe bet.

Turning walls into art exhibition

This trend invites hanging sentences, albums, photographs, mirror on the walls. The more diverse the selection, the better. As well as the floors and ceilings, the statement walls are also a trend. Choose a sober background as the unifying element of all diversity. Find all about our wall covering suggestions.


This year showcase handicrafts. In addition to helping local economies, buying handmade pieces adds personality to your project. Pieces of art, textiles, furniture, all these elements will make the difference in any space. And the best is that they hardly go out of style, since they have a timeless value.

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