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Porches. When the imagination has no walls.

Porches. When the imagination has no walls.

There’s nothing better than a porch to enjoy the our houses´ exterior, even on rainy days. A well designed and decorated porch will always be an inviting space, regardless of its size. And like in almost everything in architecture, today there’s much to choose from. From the traditional materials that set a rustic look and embrace nature, such as wood and tile, to the resistant composite deck flooring, the important thing is to choose the material that best fits the style of your home (façade and exterior ), to your budget, and, not least, the climate of the region where you live in.

As for decoration, use your imagination. Try to adapt it to your space and lifestyle. Unlike the gardens and terraces, the porch is a covered area, so you can make it more welcoming, by choosing comfortable and pratical fabrics, such as curtains and cushions.

Another suggestion is to invest in painted wood furniture, such as rocking chairs, chests and cabinets. Try to give new life to old furniture you still have at home, or do it yourself by using pallets and wooden boxes. Once painted, they will surely be a success. Ambient lighting is another key factor to make the space inviting, small solar energy elements are ideal as they do not require any type of electrical installation. The living beauty of natural plants and flowers ensures the finishing touch that will transform your porch into a true oasis of tranquility.