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Low cost home decorating

Low cost home decorating

After tidying up the Christmas decorations, the house can get a bit naked and cold. This is a good opportunity for a renovated decoration. Bet on details that result in a more comfortable space. With little money it is possible to get an original and personalized decoration, guaranteeing a cozy atmosphere.

We leave you with some tips to be inspired for the new decoration:

Reuse cork stoppers

If there are too many cork stoppers left over from the festivities, reuse them as a piece of decoration. You can encase a flower pot, a plain lamp or just put them in a transparent or colored glass bowl.

Reuse bottles and bring them to life

Bring bottles to life. Place a flower even without tearing it up. Fill the bottle with earth and sprinkle it frequently. Thus, the effect lasts longer. Use different shaped bottles. Customize them. Challenge the younger ones to paint them, for example.

Paint a wall

This is one of the cheaper ways to get a great change in the interior look of your home. The options are endless: use only one color or make a combination to your liking. You can also make a custom stencil and give more shapes to the painting.

Decorate a wall

Instead of painting a wall, you can decorate it with photos or choose wallpaper. You can also make a small homemade installation and attach an object you like to the wall, such as dishes or cups.

Place a plant where the Christmas tree was

Do not leave the space before dedicated to the Christmas tree empty. Place a large plant where the tree was. In addition to not allowing it to be empty, it enlivens the place.

Reuse boxes

Reuse boxes of fruit or vegetables to provide another look to your behaviors and get some storage. You can paint them to your taste or clean them and keep them with the original tones. These boxes, depending on the size and shape, can serve as shelves, attached to a wall, magazine holders or any other function that you want to assign.

Change the layout of the furniture

This is the cheapest tip of all. Sometimes we just have to change the layout of the furniture so that the spaces get another beauty. If it is not possible at all to make this change, choose to line the sofas with another fabric, put on a different blanket or buy new cushions.