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How to connect the garden to the house making a better use of outer space?

How to connect the garden to the house making a better use of outer space?

The vast majority of residential gardens include an area, such as a paved platform, usually in direct relation to the house.
This space allows you to connect the life inside the house with the outside, with the garden.
The association of pavement with some furniture allows you to be confortable outside. Do you remember that outdoor meal with your friends? That sunshine afternoon in which you read in the garden, it is about this space and about these type of experiences that I’m talking about, a true privilege, especially in the our days when cities are increasingly inhabited and it is rare to find a special place like this.
With little space available, it is possible that all space turns into pavement and vegetation only to be seen in flowerbeds and pots, like a terrace. But if you have some space, you will find out that plants can bring you numerous benefits.
Here are some suggestions for your little paradise:

A paved area directly connected to the house, perfect for an outdoors dinner, where shade is provided by a simple pergola and a creeper. The truth is when the sun is very bright, outdoor dining can become unpleasant, so using this type of shade elements prove to be very practical. Take into account that that massive green plants surround the area, which has undoubtedly a positive impact on the space. One can also see potted plants around the paved zone.


Choosing a Sagiper wooden deck is another beautiful option to connect the house to the garden and make the most of the outdoor spaces. Please note that this solution, in addition to being comfortable, allows you to have a sheltered outdoor space, another more exposed and also establishing a connection between the pool and the garden.

In this image we have another solution, which connects the house with the pool and the garden through a paved central axis, accompanied by the garden with lush tropical plants.

Here the difference in field elevations makes the outdoor paved area the perfect spot for garden observation and admiration, perfect for those who like to spend the afternoon in the hammock … The connection is made by stairs with wooden steps, which integrate well in this rustic environment.
As you can see, there are several possibilities to make the most out of the space that you have left aside and it has so much potential to make your day a lot more pleasant …
If you need help to improve the connection of your home with the outdoors, find a landscape architect, he/she will help you to design your space.