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Festive Holiday Decor Ideas

Festive Holiday Decor Ideas

It’s time to add festive flair and cheer to your home to welcome this holiday season. With all the decoration, the meals and the songs, Christmas and the New Year appeal greatly to the senses, especially the visual one. This year, trends range from the more natural and traditional elements with a modern and vintage twist. Find all about them:


Nature-inspired ideas: evergreen wreath with pine branches, bowls with oranges and lemons, everything to make your home look more natural and healthy. Bring all the comfort of nature into your home. Start with the walls with our Oak tones. This can be a good time to create a vertical garden and integrate it in the decoration.

Candies: to decorate and to eat

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without candies. So have them around! Fill boxes and jars with sweets and chocolates. You can also use traditional advent calendars as a decorative element. Tip: Decorate your Christmas gifts with candy as well. Add the famous chocolate umbrella or candy cane to each gift in order to customize it. A sure treat!

Let it snow, let it snow inside too

Despite the trend that appeals to nature and greens, this year’s Christmas trees are white and minimalist. You will also see many white and silver snowflakes, of different sizes and shapes. Combine these decorations with gold, which is a tone that conveys all the splendor of Christmas, while adding the necessary warmth.

Vintage: always a good idea

Burlap sacks, natural raffia wrappings: these are some ideas to add that rustic look to your home this Christmas. To follow this trend, reuse and recycle what you’ve already have at home. Highlight an old family piece and allow the memories to be part of Christmas which is indeed all about family. After all, vintage is always a good choice for decoration, any time of the year.

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