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Our house is our world. It reflects what we are and what we like, but it’s essentially where we feel good.
It’s always time to invest in a new decoration. The heat makes the more complex chores easier. Therefore, summer is the perfect time to get to work.
Brighter, more organized and modern spaces with the shades of the season or simply different ones. These are some of the reasons that justify the change.

We present a list of 10 tips and trends to consider.

1- Geometric tile

In order to give a little bit of color and design to a small space, like a bathroom, tiles with geometric motives are a great option. Thus, you manage a more artistic and bold style. Fill up a wall or floor and combine them with other material in neutral shades.


2- Scandinavian inspiration

Scandinavian inspiration design is visually cozy and it has been gaining fans. The mix of textures and neutral materials results in projects characterized by simplicity, balance, minimalism and functionality.


3- Hidden cables

In fact, this isn’t a trend. Or it shouldn’t be. After all, nobody likes seeing cables spread around the house. Choose the best solution to hide the cables of the electric devices and create more practical and tidy wireless environments.

4- Grey and pastel shade

Grey is a neutral shade that matches with almost everything – in darker shades for a more modern decoration and in smoother shades for a more classical style. A palette of pastel shades transmits freshness and tranquility, ideal for the warm season.


5- Patterned pillows

The patterned pillows with graphic motives are a great trend and a simple and fun way of renovating the decoration

6- Handmade objects

Handmade or artisanal decorative objects are one of the great trends if decoration. Tapestry, baskets, jugs, paintings or other items, made at home or bought in a crafts fair or from friends, gain a different meaning and give a very special touch to the house.


7- Less is more

Try to reduce the number of elements that fill in the space as much as you can.
Dispense everything you don’t use and which is merely filling in the house. This way, you will manage tidier and lighter spaces, besides facilitating circulation and cleaning.

8- Wallpaper
It can be used to line a whole room, one wall only or a detail. There are a thousand choices – a highlight on wallpaper with metallic details, an option for especially elegant and sophisticated spaces.




9- Boho Chic

Also known as bohemian chic or contemporary bohemian, this is a style very present in the decoration and clothing trends. Creative, non-conventional, it catches the attention due to its mix of colors, shapes and textures.
It’s important to be careful and not overdo it. The elements must result in a pleasant and not exaggerated environment.


10- Recycling and reusing

A sustainable decoration is composed by materials and objects that used to have another use and instead of throwing them away, they gain a new use. This is an eco-friendly, creative and affordable option.


Add a touch of creativity to this and other ideas. More than following trends, your choices should consider your style, taste and needs.
A new decoration is good for your house and for who lives in it

Start now!