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Celebrate Spring with the new colour trends

Celebrate Spring with the new colour trends

The arrival of the upcoming seasons is celebrated throughout Nature with longer and warmer days. But the new colours and odours are the most evident signs of Spring’s arrival. Celebrate the season change as well, with a new household décor. We suggest a more colourful, cool and very current approach. Learn more about the colour trends for the new season that is just starting and bring new life into your home’s interior.

Lavender lilac

The ultra violet has been chosen as colour of the year by Pantone, but it is precisely a variation of this colour that is going to set the tone for this upcoming Spring. Lighter and cooler, the lavender lilac is amongst the most promising colours of the season.

Meadowlark Yellow

If you want to highlight any particular corner of your house, then apply yellow on it. Whether it is a sofa, a cushion or just a frame. This colour carries with it liveliness and joy.

Cherry Tomato

This is an impulsive colour. It spreads warmth and energy, just like the renewed days of Spring.

Little Boy Blue

More restrained, but just as equally positive, is this sky blue. It spreads calm and serenity, and for that reason, and for not being so stimulating, it can be applied to much larger areas, such as a wall.

Chili Oil

This is a terracotta tone that adds more sobriety to the décor. You may use and abuse this tone.

Blooming Dahlia

Discreet, yet surprising, this is a colour we can almost smell its scent. It is reminding of the first Spring blossoms. Very elegant.


Green is back! Remember the huge Greenery trend from last year? This colour has a cooling effect when used in interior decoration, especially in town houses. Arcadia green carries with it the freshness and purity of the countryside.


Intense and rich chocolate, is the best way to best describe this tone. Despite being one of the heaviest tones in the palette, it adds strength and substance. Ideally applied on small pieces.

Almost Mauve

The lightest pastel of the season is this rose petal, very much enjoyed in fashion. It adds a touch of ephemerality to the new seasons. Best applied to huge single colour blocks: a wall, a sofa, a rug or curtains.

Spring Crocus

The shade of fuchsia that will catch anyone’s eye regardless of where it’s applied. It’s an expressive and enthusiastic colour, much like Spring and Summer.

Lime Punch

This Lime punch neon yellow spreads a lot of energy. Apply to the décor with care, so that the effect isn’t overwhelming.

Wood tones

The right base to combine these colours in a décor is a (or several) wood tones. The tendency to use what is natural, eco-friendly and sustainable goes way beyond themes like food or fashion. Both in architecture and interior design make use of environmentally friendly materials, which convey sophistication through their natural features. The selection of a composite deck of PVC coverings with wooden effects, in detriment of wood itself, meets this trend.

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