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Maintenance free corrugated heavy gauge PVC tongue & groove panels wrapped in a high quality, highly durable exterior vinyl coating, used specifically for exterior siding. SAGIWALL is easily installed and has a high resistance to UV rays, water absorption and humidity and is impenetrable to insects. It also has a low expansion and contraction coefficient making it ideal for North America’s variation in weather temperatures.

SAGIWALL is backed by a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty for all exterior applications and lifetime warranty for interior applications.

SAGIWALL is available in the following 27 finishes ranging from a number of authentic wood grains and metallic sheen solid colors as well as an additional 10 RAL color finishes, all suitable for both interior and exterior siding applications.


Exterior Finishes

Blonde Oak

REF #1

Port Redwood

REF #2

Chocolate Blackwood

REF #3

Espresso Blackwood

REF #4

White Oak

REF #5

Hazel Oak

REF #6

Brazilian Redwood

REF #7

Caramel Cedar

REF #8

Caramel Zebrawood

REF #9

Cherry Zebrawood

REF #10

Pine Zebrawood

REF #11

Titanium Coalwood

REF #12

Light Maple

REF #13

Walnut Cedar

REF #14

Absolute Silver

REF #50

Exterior Metallic Finishes

REF 70

REF #70

REF 71

REF #71

REF 72

REF #72

REF 73

REF #73

REF 74

REF #74

REF 75

REF #75

REF 76

REF #76

REF 77

REF #77

REF 78

REF #78

Knotty Maple

REF #79

Mocha Redwood

REF #80

Chestnut Blackwood

REF #81

Desert Oak

REF #82

Mountain Oak

REF #83

Monument Oak

REF #84

Exterior RAL Finishes

RAL 9010

RAL 9001

RAL 7035

RAL 7001

RAL 7016

RAL 3011

RAL 3005

RAL 6005

RAL 6009

RAL 5011


Sagiwall 6" V-Groove Profile (150mm)

Sagiwall 6" Channeled Profile (150mm)

Aluminium Outside Corner Clip (35 x 35 mm)

Aluminium H-Mold Clip (60 mm)

Aluminium J-Mold Clip (35 mm)

Aluminium Starter Strip

Files to download:

SAGIWALL Profiles & Accessories
SAGIWALL Technical Data Sheet
SAGIWALL - Installation Manual
Sagiper North America – Warranty Info...
CANULC-S134-13 Test
Evaluation Report CCMC 14043-R Sagiwall
SAGIWALL Architectural Spec Guide