Sagiper North America

Born in 1994, SAGIPER emerged into the European market and revolutionized the construction and renovation industry by introducing its high quality PVC product lines. Since then SAGIPER has continued its relentless pursuit in maintaining and developing its products to provide aesthetically pleasing, maintenance free, and modern finishing solutions for all of its end users.

Realizing its potential for growth, SAGIPER was introduced to the North American market in the summer of 2012 and has since gained exceptional awareness and popularity for its high quality polymer coated PVC product lines. SAGIPER North America was then founded and is now the exclusive branch for all SAGIPER product lines in North America.

SAGIPER North America stands behind its products, understanding the importance of quality and durability to its end users, by providing extended non-prorated warranties on all of its product lines.

SAGIPER and SAGIPER North America continue to work together extensively on improving and developing both existing and new products lines tailored for the North American market.