Warranty Information

For all products purchased or delivered hereunder, Sagiper North America Inc., warrants they are free from defects of workmanship and/or material caused by accidental breakage due to maintenance, abusive use, natural or unnatural forces. The manufacturer, Sagiper Lda., will, however, provide warranty fully inclusive of material replacement and labor costs, for all of its products, for periods of time from the date of purchase as noted hereafter:

  • Sagirev Interior Application PVC Panels- Lifetime
  • Sagirev Exterior Application PVC Panels – 15 years

– Vinyl peeling, and/or fading/discoloring
– PVC core warping, and/or splitting

  • Sagiwall Interior Application PVC Panels – Lifetime
  • Sagiwall Exterior Application PVC – 15 years

– Vinyl peeling, fading and/or discoloring
– PVC core warping, and/or splitting

  • Sagideck Exterior Application Composite – 15 years

All warranty claims must be reviewed and determined valid by the manufacturer, Sagiper Lda., to be production/manufacturing defective, at the option of Sagiper Lda., such products shall be replaced or repaired and returned to the Buyer, via Sagiper North America Inc., free from defect. Buyers must report to their Sagiper retailer within thirty (30) days of fault.

Download a PDF version of the Sagiper North America Warranty